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Happy Valentine’s Day

Celebrate your relationship. I take some effort some times to work out the glitches. and endure the ups and downs. if you are needing any type of relationship help, in dating, live in situation, premarital, civil union, or marriage support please call Northwest Arkansas Marriage and Family Therapy at 479-225-0055, leave a voice mail and I will return your call. Thank you.

New Years Tribute, NWA Marriage & Family Therapy


Happy New Year’s 2019.  Reflecting on  2018 I was thinking some times it is good to take a look back  to remember those folks who lived and came before us.  Way before us.  We are here because they survived and had the strength to carry on even in very difficult circumstances, often facing situations that in their time seemed impossible to  overcome or endure.  We as people, are stronger and more resilient  than we believe to face our situations.

Please call NWA Marriage & Family Therapy @ 479-225-0055 to set an appointment for couples or individual counseling, at your convenience.  If you need my services, in Fayetteville, Bella Vista, or Ft. Smith.please leave a voice message and I will call back.

Thank you  and I look forward  to hearing from you.

Happy 2019 New Year’s to all as we head forward.