Family Counseling & Blended Families

Family counseling offered for different types of families with different needs.  Parenting is challenging in first time families and even more so in blended families.  Maybe you are looking to understand your new role as a parent, or step parent and the changes that the new role it brings? You might be searching for ways to connect better to your kids or step kids? Maybe you need support in trying to navigate the teenage years? Dating issues? Perhaps the kids leaving “the nest” and you are in the process of readjusting to the empty nest home?   Many people come from families that have experienced divorce or are often in blended families of their own.  Often times, blended families can be more challenging and complicated to navigate.  Are you a single parent? Single parenting can be even more challenging.

Families are constantly in the process of changing and readjusting.  Having a place to work together and an opportunity to share experience and feelings, can be valuable, in better understanding your family’s dynamics.  Sharing experiences, exploring your family patterns and issues, in a supportive family counseling environment will allow you to feel better understood and create the changes you need to bring out for your family’s best.