Premarital Therapy

Premarital Therapy is offered so couples can best prepare and explore what they both want in a marital relationship, their reasons for marriage and  their expectations.  Premarital counseling is a good place to get to know each other with the help of  third party insight who is not wearing the “rose tinted glasses”.  Over half of first marriages end in divorce and for second marriages divorce rates are higher still.

Premarital sessions are a time to discuss and explore your present plans and your new future together and to be better prepared for the road ahead.  The better you get to know each other before you marry, the more familiar you will be with what to expect after marriage.  If after a marriage a person’s expectations do not match their spouses behavior, or if couples are ill prepared for negotiating their needs, difficulties often arise.  It is important to establish and explore what each of you expects from your marriage, prior to marriage and premarital therapy can be a good place to do that.  What  might you be bringing to the marriage both knowingly and unknowingly from your own family or past relationships?

Many people will say what they know what they “do not want” in marriage but are not sure as to what they do want.  Is being in a marriage what you want now? An old proverb states that “Prevention is worth a pound of cure” and considering the current marital statistics, premarital counseling might give your couple an insight edge  to beat the odds.

If you are currently living together or in a long term partnership with no desire to legally marry, then please see the couples counseling page for general relational couples support.