Making the Case for Marriage Therapy: Why It’s Important for Your Relationship

Marriage therapy is becoming more widely accepted as an essential tool for couples who want to improve their relationship. In fact, making decisions about your long-term relationship or marriage without the benefit of marital therapy maybe now seen as less than ideal. Despite this growing recognition, many couples still hesitate to seek out a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT). In this article, we’ll explore why marriage therapy is important, and how working with a licensed LMFT professional can help couples navigate the complexities of their relationship.

While most models of therapy focus on individual work, about 70 percent of therapists work with couples. However, treating one person is different from treating the complexities that a couple brings. Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists or LMFTs have special licensing requirements in addition to couples training and experience that many individual therapists often lack. This is why marriage therapy has gained popularity over the last decade – it provides support and a better understanding of the issues that can develop in relationships.

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