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NWA Telehealth, Online Counseling, Virtual Therapy

Telehealth, Online Counseling, Virtual Therapy, there are many names that exists for technologically assisted counseling. With our health becoming our most valuable resource, and our lives becoming more difficult with the COVI19, making your mental health a priority can be a challenge. Many business are now closing face to face contact in Arkansas and in other states. This however does not mean that therapy services are not available. On line counseling is now available from NWA Marriage Family Therapy and has been for the last few weeks.

Whether you are a new stay at home parent, or a new working from home professional feeling a bit cooped up, with too many unknows creating stress in this quickly changing life telehealth is available.

Before you may have lived in an area where counseling access is limited. Now due to COVID19 health professionals have been allowed to expand their areas of practice to provide more people on line services, even if they do not live near their physical offices. Distance from my actual office or inability to travel, should not be a barrier to putting your mental health first.

With new changes in the healthcare regulations and availability of technology like your smart telephone or computer, I am offering virtual therapy services to the NWA Arkansas area as well as other places in Arkansas and and Missouri currently.

This could mean:

  • Checking in with me at the click of a button, with no travel.
  • Easy on line payments.
  • Finding a time that works for both you and your schedule.

Thank you and feel free to call NWA Marriage & Family Therapy at 479-225-0055 and leave a message for Carmen to set up a teletherapy online virtual appointment.