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What is Sensate Focused Therapy and who can it help?

What is Sensate Focused Therapy and who can it help? Can I increase intimacy in my relationship?

Sensate Focused Therapy was introduced by the famous sex researchers Masters& Johnson, and it is a therapy often used by marriage and family therapists or sex therapists that are trained in this procedure to increase a couple’s ability to increase a couples feelings of intimacy, sense of safety and non verbal communication. It starts with increasing one’s own sense of self awareness through intentional touching and observations and eventually after some sessions (usually 6-10) the work will lead to more intimacy, unity, and better sense of  harmony between a couple.  It is a fairly simple and most couples find the practice enjoyable to do. The practice is done at home in private with your partner.  Each couple has unique needs that are taken into account and other interventions might be suggested as the work progresses.

This type of work is great to rekindle and reconnect intimacy in a couple, even for those who for whatever reason feel like “sex” might not be an option for them anymore.  Please call me if you have any questions about Sensate Focused Therapy or if you feel like your couple could benefit from increasing your sensual and intimate connection. I would be happy to talk further and see if it might be beneficial for your couple.