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Can fathers have Postpartum Depression or Baby Blues?

Postpartum Depression or Baby Blues? Can fathers have them too?

Post partum is a time with many transitions.  Finally healthcare workers and the populations at large are coming to understand post partum depression or :baby blues: in women.  More and more women are not suffering in silence but asking for help with this.  According to the Mayo clinic  http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/postpartum-depression/basics/symptoms/con-20029130

“Postpartum depression symptoms for the mother may include:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Insomnia
  • Intense irritability and anger
  • Overwhelming fatigue
  • Loss of interest in sex
  • Lack of joy in life
  • Feelings of shame, guilt or inadequacy
  • Severe mood swings
  • Difficulty bonding with your baby
  • Withdrawal from family and friends
  • Thoughts of harming yourself or your baby Yet what about the changes that might take place in fathers as well?
  • Parenthood transition appears to be a time of higher risk of fathers developing depression, compared. Coming to terms with a new identity and a changing relationships and the responsibility of financial consequences of starting a family are all factors to consider.
  • Untreated, postpartum depression may last for many months or longer.”

Might dad be experiencing any of these symptoms of paternal postnatal depression, or baby blues risk factors? Might you have some or all of these?

  • having a partner with postnatal depression
  • history of depression
  • marital discontent
  • low self-esteem
  • doubts about parenting role
  • first time parent
  • sickly or irritable Baby

There is no manual that comes with parenting. The earlier you address these issues of change and transition, the faster you and your wife can get your family back on tract and feeling better. If you are experiencing any of these baby blues symptoms, help is available now.

Let me know if I can help.